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Schoolnet Data Dashboard for New York

Grow-as-you-go with the Schoolnet Data Dashboard

As a New York educator, you have a unique opportunity to embrace new technologies offered by the state that will help your school to use data to inform decisions. Choosing Pearson's Schoolnet Data Dashboard will help you significantly enhance teaching and learning by providing you with instant access to valuable data and tools from the moment you login.

What is the Schoolnet Data Dashboard?

  • A "zero-click" homepage: designed to provide quick, "zero-click" access to each user's most critical data and tools, like recent state assessment scores, scheduled lesson plans, a report bank, links to state resources, district announcements and more.
  • A reporting and analysis solution: Our reporting and analysis tools let you look at data with super simple and dynamic key performance indicator, with preformatted reports, or by creating a custom report to analyze complex issues.
  • An instructionally-focused teacher tool: teachers receive tools for lesson planning and classroom based reports such as item analyses and standards mastery reports so they can quickly identify areas for improvement for each individual.

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Administrator View: One part of the district leadership view is a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboard that provides an at-a-glance view of the performance status of their State, District and school. With a single click, administrators can disaggregate KPI information by school, grade, or student subgroup categories.

Teacher View: Teachers are served up easy to understand data to make decisions about instruction in the classroom. Search and browse instructional materials, and utilize benchmark assessment data in classroom reports and planning for differentiated instruction.

Parent View: Parents can access their child's grades, state assessment information, attendance, and more to stay involved in their child's education and have a common set of information to reference when engaging the school and teachers.

Student View: Students can check grades and view homework assignments, or take online assessments with the optional assessment program.

8 reasons you should learn more about the Schoolnet Data Dashboard:

  1. Dashboard views are configured and relevant to each user's role in the system. No searching!
  2. Access to a wizard-driven report builder that provides users with maximum flexibility for customized reporting.
  3. Numerous pre-formatted reports for the most commonly used data views like test performance by standard. No more recreating the wheel for teachers.
  4. Proven Early Warning Indicator Flag (EWIF) gives districts and schools the ability to track student's progress, and act on it to prevent students from dropping out.
  5. Comprehensive student profiles which detail current and historical student information such as course enrollments, grades, local interim/benchmark results, attendance, and discipline.
  6. A user-friendly parent view provides families with the timely information they need to monitor and engage in the learning process.
  7. Included instructional planning tools to help your teachers and curriculum leaders utilize instructional materials linked with Common Core standards, easing the transition.
  8. Schoolnet is a full-feature solution that lets you add-on additional tools when you're ready to "grow-as-you-go", such as our assessment program.

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