Learn how Schoolnet Services enable you to drive IMS success

Schoolnet provides end-to-end services, training and support to ensure successful deployment of our Instructional Management Suite. From planning and implementation to fostering adoption and assuring effective usage district-wide, Schoolnet helps districts get the ROI you need - and the student achievement you seek.

IMS Workshops

A combination of User Workshops and Instructor Certifications to train users at various levels through the district to access and work with data using the Schoolnet IMS.

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Roadmap Needs Assessment

A process of collaborative due diligence to determine where your district is today, where you want to be, and deliver the blueprint to transform teaching and learning with Schoolnet's IMS.

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Data Coach Certification

A "train-the-trainer" program that empowers teachers and staff to use data - and collaborate with their peers to use data - to individualize instruction and increase achievement.

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